Not about me this time

Hey guys! It’s been two weeks, gahhh. Happy late thanksgiving ❤ Hope you guys spent it well with your friends and family.

Any who, sorry guys, I was caught up with school and managing my time because lately, I’ve been procrastinating, but not no more. I joined the bowling team, second year in a row and it’s really fun guys. It can be anxious sometimes, well for me because being with my other teammates, they’re so good in bowling, in my eyes. Most of all, I like the bowling team because they’re all cool and fun, so it’s always a great time. Other than that, college applications has me drained since I need to mail my fee waivers and transcripts. That’s literally my last step and it’s giving me a hard time because my school is busy and I wouldn’t make the deadline. I still have hope.

Also, in the past two weeks, it’s been a roller coaster. I went to many places such as programs, clubs, bowling, places with my best friend aka my father. I also went to a LUPE event which is a Young Latina Leadership Conference and that even opened up my eyes. I met new people and made connections with people that’ll help me with my future.

Also, I have a dog! His name is Tonder Peralta but if I had him first, I would’ve called him Thumper, Browny or Bolt. But Tonder explains him so much so he’s a Tonder. He’s my baby. Well, my baby got his first haircut!


I swear he’s cuter than he was before. At first, I was scared he’ll look like a sheep, but he looks so cute. The groomer sugar coded and basically said I cut his hair, terrible. I did my best but now he’s all fixed up.

In these two weeks, I’ve been trying too keep everything positive. Whatever works out, works out. Like the quote, “If its meant to be, it will be.”

This school year(my final year in high school) got me to open my eyes so much, I picture the world differently, I started to analyze people to see what’s their next move, their actions and it has been helping me a lot. I’ve also gotten closer to people this year than last year. Although I was already close, but our bond has gotten stronger. Such as Ryccy, also known as Rexy, she’s such an amazing soul, literally every time she’s around, it’s always fun, she keeps me positive about everything and reminds me where I stand. Also, Heidy, who unfortunately has NO classes with me this year, but I still maintain to see her and I love how we click once we see each other. We can never stop talking and she rubs off on me sometimes when she’s being sarcastic. I love sarcastic people because I’m very sarcastic too. Then I have a duckling of mine who is Sidney, she is the life of the party, I swear. We only have a class together but I still try to see her when I can and go to places with her so we can make memories. I love making memories with my friends, it gives me so much laughter after. I can be sitting in class and just burst out laughing because I remember what happened days before. I can’t forget about Keyanna. She was my first friend at the high when I transferred there, sophomore year. Although, I knew her since elementary school, our bond was still there and I survived sophomore year, because of her. She’s such a great friend, my friend. I have another friend in North Plainfield where I always stay in contact with since my sophomore year and that’s Everson. He’s the dopest person I’ve met, he’s so chill. I can’t forget about my brother Elijah, we’ve held a strong bond since forever and I promise you that on graduation day, I will cry once we realize we’re going to our separate ways for college. He’s like a brother to me. Then there’s BABA DOC who’s real name is Josue and he’s such a wise person. He’s so honest about everything, although I want to beat him up sometimes but hopefully we get to see the Fall Out Boys in March. Then I have a friend in Barack that I would always stay in contact, which is Marilynn and she’s the milkshake to my cookies. All you hear from us is pure laughter, JUST LAUGHTER. I went to go see Bring Me The Horizon, Issues and Pvris with her. Unforgettable day.

This is before the concert really began, while they were screaming for iHop.


You don’t know how many times we were pushed just to reach the front. But it was all worth it.

Now that our school switched blocks to periods, I’ve met MORE people.

There’s this girl I met in gym, although she’s friends with one of my friends, I actually got to meet her and she’s so cool! Her name is Michelle (Michy) and she’s really a cool person to be around with, I clicked with her fast once I found out she’s into rock. *Praise the Lord* But other than that, we have other similarities and she’s dope, like really dope. Another person I recently met is a guy named Brian. At first I called him Bryan but it’s Brian(he got mad low-key). He’s so cool, I never held a conversation with a person that I just met. He’s so cool, honest and different, he wants to be a fashion designer so my fellow readers, look out for him, he has a nice style and a bright future ahead of him (Don’t we all). If I could write about my new friends, old friends, now friends, there friends, I could keep going.

I just love having friends because it lightens up your world and you don’t feel as alone as you think. Its even better when the bond gets stronger, because you start connecting and it’s a great feeling. Especially in this world since nobody connects anymore.

Well, love you guys, thanks for bearing with me.

Love Jenn


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