Start of Something New

It has been awhile since I have written a story. A lot has happened from the month of February until now. I have met more people and gotten closer to people in matter of seconds. At the time, something was bothering me and I didn’t know how to handle it. My emotions were bottled and had many episodes of anxieties. I eventually, let go of the past and started my new chapter. In early May, I decided to not go to Chile for study abroad. It was the hardest choice I have made because I was gathering collections and I was working for it. Only reason why I got a job in the first place. In the end, it was a good choice that I didn’t go (Sometimes, there is always something better when you choose not to do something). I had the chance to go to my senior trip, DisneyWorld. It was the best trip to go. I even made a youtube video out of it (click the link). Here are some pictures of my experience.

Mind you, it was my first time on an airplane. It wasn’t how I pictured it, I was scared at first but then I got used to it. It was pretty fun. I enjoyed it with friends. I also got burnt. I look like a burnt chicken nugget.

After this trip, then June came along and it was prom. I was supposed to go with my friend, Michelle. But a surprise came my way and I got a promposal, from my anime friend, Kevin. At first I was thinking of saying no in front of all his friends, in front of the class. But, then I realized I could say yes now and no later, in private. But then, my friend Siddy came and told me that Michelle knew all along and that she was okay with it. Prom was really fun, had the best prom date ever and had a great time. Although, he will always remember me as “4pm” (that’s another story to tell another time) but everything was great. Here are some prom pictures:

That was my prom day. It was amazing, my friends were amazingly gorgeous. The next day, it was my friend’s birthday barbecue and guess what, I made another youtube video for her day too and that night, we watched The Conjuring 2! It was pretty scary, but the first one was scarier. I will make a separate blog post about my graduation day. Before graduation, my friends and I went to the beach and it was honestly, a relaxing day at the beach. I really wanted to watch the sunset and I got to. It was beautiful.IMG_7215

This was the view of the beach, so beautiful to stare at.

This is where all the lost thoughts go to.


This was a beautiful shot I got of the seagulls flying away,


but then they came back for more food.


Although it wasn’t on the other side, the sunset was still beautiful. The sun will always be the shining star.

By far, June has been the best month of 2016.

To many more darling, keep your head up high, higher than before and higher than tomorrow.


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