Tonder not Thunder

I swear I am not choking him, it is the only way how to calm him down. But In August of 2013, my brother told me “Hey, can you take care of my dog? The building is making me kick him out and plus, I just had a baby, can’t deal with two babies.” Of course me, I said of course. But in my head, I knew my parents were going to say no because he asked me to care of another dog he had before named Renzo, but had to give him away due to the building not accepting him. Tonder is a purebred Yorkshire terrier. I am telling you, when I first met him, god he was the size of my palm. He was so small.

So of course the building wouldn’t know about him. One time I came over, I was playing with him and my nephew. All of a sudden, I knocked out in their couch. Hours later, I woke up because of food, I was wearing black pants and Tonder was 90% black. I had got up, and there he goes, flying off of my thighs. He fell asleep in my thighs and the fact that he was so small, I didn’t even see him. He started to follow me everywhere to the point where I had to leave, he cried. My brother got furious because the owner of the building was not suppose to hear. Okay, back to August. I had finished Upward Bound and I came home. I went straight to my brother’s home after and there I saw Tonder, a bit bigger than he was before. 

Honestly, he is the cutest yorkie I have seen (I use to hate yorkies of how small there are and ugly). But man, television brainwashed my brain. Anywho, it’s a Sunday and when I am about to go home, my brother said “Don’t forget to take him, there’s his food, pads, toys and etc.. My dad said lets go. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THAT HAPPY IN MY LIFE. For once, my dad said yes to me bringing a dog home! That night, Tonder was scared to sleep by himself, so he slept right next to me in his little bed. He tried jumping in my bed but he was too short to reach my bed. So, I spent 10 minutes at 2am teaching how to jump on the chair onto my bed. He finally got it and did it. But you know, my dad didn’t like the idea of me babying him so he then got used to sleeping in the living room. 

When he has nightmares, he scratches my door like crazy and doesn’t feel safe until he’s in my arms. I wonder what dogs dream about. Anywho, the almost three years have passed and I am beyond grateful of having him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, finally I am not alone. Besides my cousin Brandon, when he moved away, I was so sad because I got used to him coming to my room, mess my room around and talk to me about stuff he didn’t know what he was saying. Tonder came in a pretty good timing. Now, I just hope he doesn’t die because when I came home today, my living room was a disaster because of him (he has anxieties when I leave and this was the hardest) and there was bleach on the floor, I just hope he didn’t lick it. Tonder is Tonder and I love him so much. If you could meet him, good luck because he is one hyper dog and has hops for days. 

Here are some pictures of him💕


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