Blooming child

It is January 3rd and it’s 20:37 p.m. A new year has sprouted which means there will be new opportunities, new falls, new get ups and most importantly another chance to grow. A lot has happened since the last time I have written. Lost touch with a couple of friends, gained new friends, have a job, going into my second semester as a first year student and have the best boy-friend in the world. That’s another story to tell another time. Also, I will be working on a new project with my father and this will be our year, mostly his shine and I cannot wait for him to be so happy. Over the past couple months I have learned so many things about people’s actions, their true colors, their moves, and why the world goes as it goes. Even though people may not seem who they’re truly are, I will always point the great in them because why talk bad. I am always the kind-hearted girl that sees the good in everyone, even in their bad. I am that girl that tries to keep everyone satisfied and happy. Soon to realize, I have to be happy too and realize what was wrong and what was right. I may only be 18 but I still have lots to learn. My feelings were scattered through the floor and I give a great big thanks to those who actually didn’t stepped over them and actually went down and helped me. You guys know who you are. What’s most important, 2017 will be my year where I sprout and make changes. I have new projects, new investments and new stories to share with you. I can’t wait until you guys see it, I just really can’t wait. I will get better at blogging, I just need the time to actually sit down since I am always in this couch, eating popcorn and reading poetry. I recommend that you listen to The 1975’s album, it can really lighten your mood if you’re into alternative rock. Also, Ed Sheeran is releasing something new this Friday therefore, stay tuned. Do what makes you happy, strive for change. Don’t stay in the same shoes, go to another’s station and learn from it.




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