The Napkin


The Napkin. The one who wipes your tears away, or a tissue, whichever. The napkin was the first thing I saw. I pressed it onto my eyes and didn’t realize I made art right there. Don’t ask me why I just pressed it onto my face, I just did. If you know me, I usually have napkins on the front doors, in its little pocket. I usually get it from Qdoba since I go there a lot. Yes, I love Qdoba, it is better than Chipotle (I just really love the quest, all it’s missing).  Back to the napkin, weeping for it to get heard. All it does and cleans the tears away, or clean your boogers or wipes your sweat. The way they are arched means that I was really hurt at the moment. Usually when my eyes squint like that, it is because I am frustrated. It sucks to cry even when you’re mad. It just comes out. I’m such a crybaby. Look at all its dots and dark dots, art. Napkins can be art too, just don’t litter them away, or else beautiful Earth will continue to rot. The napkin, THE NAPKIN caught my beauty. Why not show it to the world? It deserves to be shown. Sometimes, the napkin can have feelings too. Even ask my best friend Ryccy, I say sorry to a door. Not that I am crazy, I swear. She just catches me and listens to me closely and spots the little things. Those are one of my little things. All the napkins in the world want is to be picked up and kept and held onto dearly, like a blanket. You remember what your blanket felt like? I do. Mine was blue, with tiger cubs and was very soft. I don’t have it anymore because things happened. Instead, the napkin feels good enough just to clean. It knows its purpose. We all have a purpose, you just have to find it. It can take days or it can take years. Just when you want to cry, please do. Best stress reliever ever. Tears are good for the face too.

I just really love this napkin. Wish I kept it but here is the picture. I caught some amazing art, I am satisfied with that. I am very happy I caught this moment.


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