Couldn’t Think of a Name

It all starts with an amazing topic sentence that intrigues the viewers mind. Then comes the depth of what people want to hear and then they start to judge on your writing. I love critiques on what I write because it makes me a better writer but critiques and judgement is not that same, since I’ve been told a lot. Critique means a review, commenting on a problem while judgement means more of an opinion. I care what people think. I always think of what the people think about me and how they think about me. They think of me of a weak girl that can’t stand up for herself, a weak girl that is “friendly” with everyone, a weak girl that gives all of her love. I know I am not weak, I am just a regular girl. Correction, I am stupendous.

My heart is still pure. I am one of the few girls, people left in this world that still has a huge heart, that sees good in everyone. I am not a peacemaker, but I do know that this world needs more of love and more of kind. I absolutely know that I do not belong in this generation, this generation is too messed up with people that aren’t like me. The world has broken them and I hope to the very best of their soul that they find some warmth in them. I am not saying anything bad about the people that do step their foot down and know what they want. They just once gave their everything and refuse to open up again. I will always be that girl with some sort of advice. I may be wrong or right but I learn from what I see, what I read and what’s understanding for me. I continuously write stories that are never finished.

I start the thoughts, my sentences, the depth but I never finish because I care what people think about. This is more of a me post since this is my blog. My blog is where I feel comfortable and safe. My blog is a sprinkle of my soul reaching out and yet, I still am the person with the good heart despite all of the negativity that has tried to get on with my life. It’s wrong that I let people step over me since I never speak up, but I will find that voice and meanwhile, I will still have a good heart.

I have been broken so many times where faces are becoming numb to me but I will always see the good in them and wishing them for the best. I sometimes wish I was that cold hearted person that doesn’t care what people think and just build up their ego and pride, but that’s not me. I am not saying that it is bad, but every person is different and this is me. Sometimes I tell myself, my boyfriend or my best friend that I need to be stronger and that I need to stand up for myself omitting the fact that I will be broken again.

Sooner or later, I will learn how to do that with a good heart. I choose to let people go but not easily. It takes a huge chunk out of me to ever leave a person, a friend or a relative because I will be the best for me. I am always going to be that loving, caring person. Outside of the fact that people can use that side against me, it’ll just show how pathetic the person can be by choosing one of their own character traits against them to prove a point. What a wicked way to beat someone’s self esteem.

My heart is strong, I am strong. I am phenomenal yet I am not perfect. My mistakes do not define me, my battles do. I have come a long way to stand where I am right now. I appreciate who have always held it down and have been there for me that understand me. Yeah I am “too nice” but that’s just how I am. This is a story about me that I have never put the words together but I finally did. Make this blog judgement free, only positive and warm hearts. If you’re the negativity, then leave or stay and learn something new because you are not alone. You can be the sprout of change. I have just introduced you to me. A part of me.

No matter how many battles I have fought, I am still here with a good heart. Don’t ever lose your great heart because it will be the best of you.

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