A Girl I Once Knew

She’s the type of girl that prefers dandelions more than any other flower. She intended to love sunflowers but she’s scared of it since it attracts bees. She never got stung by a bee, more like she hasn’t got stung by a bee yet. Therefore, sunflowers were off the list. Everytime she saw a dandelion, she took very good care of it. Sometimes she will grab one and wish for something and then blow it to the sky. If it goes up, it’ll come true. If it goes down, she’d need to wait. She wishes to go to a land filled with dandelions, it’s all she ever wishes for. (Picture above is taken by : ismail_bilir)

She isn’t your typical girl, she’s different in my eyes. She’s the type of girl that likes her coffee homemade, not restaurant-made but one drink she does accept is iced-coffee. It’s her favorite. In restaurants, you would expect her to get a fancy meal but all she loves is the burgers section or spaghetti. There’s nothing wrong with “fancy meals.” Fancy meals to her were just out of her knowing and she just picked out what she knew. She’s picky even though she says she’s not picky. You would’ve thought she was an outgoing person that knows what she wants and what are her standards but she’s totally the opposite. She remains to keep others and herself happy. You would think that nothing bothers her and at night, she simply vents to her best friend because she doesn’t know what to do.

She vents to me. She wonders why can’t she just speak up for herself when something feels wrong to her or when something is out of place. She wishes to be that girl that knows her standards AND her expectations. Although, she does carry herself very well but her self-doubt ruins her. “Why can’t I be like her? What does she have that I don’t?” She snaps out of it and just understands that it is okay to feel. Don’t every feel sorry for what you feel. It’s terrible to say “I’m sorry” for your own emotions. That it is okay to have feelings and be emotional. I tell her that all the time that there’s nothing wrong with her mixing her food in restaurants. That there is nothing wrong with her taking off her shoes everywhere she goes. That there is nothing wrong with listening to trap music and then rock that turns into alternative and then soft. I always tell her that there’s nothing wrong. I love the way she is because it defines her. Only a few can understand her kindness and to what she feels and who she really is. Only I understand her for who she is. She wishes for other people to understand where she is coming from.

Don’t call her crazy because she will overthink it. When she tells you what she feels, understand it and move on from there. Don’t make any excuses for her because she will become confused. Try to understand where she is coming from because she never knows when something goes wrong because anything can go wrong and she’ll take it another way. Just be there for her please. She’s a girl I once knew and I still see her all the time. I just hope she knows how wonderful she is and she doesn’t need to change for anybody. If she ever needed change, it will only be change for herself, to better herself. However, if you are trying to change her because you don’t like the way she is, simply walk out before you get too close to her because once a piece falls out, she will question it forever. If you’re her friend, be her friend. She’s a girl I once knew and I am hoping that she is still the same. Just stronger.


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