Did I find a new hobby?

I grew up reading Junie B. Jones. I just remember something about “B” meaning Beatrice and something. I liked her whole series and that was the last book I touched in elementary school. Matter in fact, I have a medal for reading the most books in the third grade and I barely remember what I read. In middle school, my seventh grade teacher Mr. Lesly gave us books to read and the only book I really loved was The Outsiders. I think there were more books but I don’t know why it didn’t catch my attention.

Basically, I barely read books and I thought I hated to read books. Only time I read in high school was school textbooks. No, I am lying, I read Stargirl and Looking for Alaska. I also read a murder book but I don’t remember the title of it. My memory for recalling a title is bad but the information is still in my head. I also read this book called “Willow” and thanks to Sidney, it was a good book. It sort of opened up to me because I was somewhat touched by the story and it reminded me of freshman year. I even did a presentation for my book project in the end of eleventh grade.

Well, I am totally the opposite of a lot of people. Most of my teachers told me that I am…. uhhhh… what do you call a person that loves to write instead of reading? Well, THAT WORD, that’s what I am. I struggled through elementary school and middle school because I mostly wrote than I read. My teachers would ask me if I was bilingual or if I lived in another country than the United States. They told me, “Only people that are born in another country are better than writing than reading” and I guess I fit that. I hated being in ESL because I knew my english and they treated me as I couldn’t sound my syllables. It helped me a little but I always had trouble comprehending a question in school. How is it that I understand people better than questions on a piece of paper?

So, here is the shocking news that I am starting to read again. My boyfriend gave me a book months ago to read and now that he left to the Marines, I decided to start reading. Well, I actually read “Milk and Honey” and that book made me feel too much and I just knew in my heart that I love poems. This is the first book I bought in such a long time and it was worth it. Back to my boyfriend’s book, it is called Six Years and I am on my third day reading it and I am almost to the end of the book. The book has 554 pages and I am on page 299. The first day I read until page 50. The second day, I read up until around page 150 and today, I read up to page 299. I am proud of myself because I am reading a book again other than Milk and Honey. The book itself makes me apart of a character in the book. I have never like this towards a book before where I can actually visualize what is going on. My boyfriend knows more about me than me. He reads me better and gave me the book to read someday.

I sometimes think of being a writer but I need to better myself in writing. I usually scatter my writing around than organize it. I actually want to publish a book someday, to explain my stories or even my own poem book. I write the best poems when I am sad. That’s another story to tell someday. I might even give myself another name or put myself in third person to keep it interesting. I hope I don’t lose motivation because I usually say, “It’s not going to happen”. There are a lot of things I do want to be, but I always bring myself down. I am still in this loop of learning about myself and the day I get pushed, I will shine bright. I have been in hiding and I can’t wait to bloom.

I just really wanted to let you guys know that I am starting to read and I have been reading before, Chicken Soup for The Teenage Soul. That book has many stories that made my heart cry. Stories touch you. I love books that keep me interested and on my feet. The suspense is amazing in Six Years and I am happy I started reading the book because I was truly missing out. He’s been changing my persona and I am grateful that he is growing with me. Also, twitter threads about books to read are saving my life because I have ordered five books and by the time one comes and the other one comes later or after, I would be done in sequence. I will build my own book shelf and cheers to a new me.

You guys don’t know how happy I am to read because I thought I hated it but it’s all about the genre. Thanks for saving me. Writing is really my way through communication, thanks to my dad.  Don’t rush and find yourself. 



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