A Page with Meaningful Words

April has been life changing. Ever since I picked up a book, I could never stop reading. I found a home in novels and I am still learning about genres that fit me. These books thus far have understood me in ways I thought people won’t ever understand me. I am very hopeful and I am a hopeless romantic. I have a huge heart that not a lot of people understand. In these books, a novel means:

A fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.

Basically, a book that’s fiction but it can relate to people. The books I have read by far, have impacted me in ways that made me feel like I am not the only that feels the way I feel. I found new friends in these books and I have fictional characters to relate to. Just like the show, “Grey’s Anatomy”. I got attached to the show because I grew with the characters. I am hopeful in many things and this show also made me open my eyes. It reminds me of the books and the pages in it with its meaningful sentences. The words speak out to me and pulls me in closer. My eyes are intrigued with the context and seek on what is going to happen next. 

I may need to hit reality, but this is reality for me. I feel too much and I take everything to the heart. Art (A), Poetry (P) and Photography (Ph) is where I find myself most in. I am written between the lines, drawn in between the drawings or paintings and pictured in the shadows. I had a dream last night that told me to “Keep writing and to never stop.” It felt like a sign for me to not give up because I always change my mind on who I want to be. I woke up so confused but because writing is the only way I can communicate better other than AAPh. Other than writing, music is also how I can express my emotions. The album “American Teen” by Khalid is the only album that I have replayed so much and still not get tired of it. Not that I go through it but I just love songs that speaks from the soul and have meaning to it. 

I know for sure that everything in this world has a meaning. Everything happens for a reason, it can’t “just happen” like the color blue. Blue is my favorite color but the color itself has meaning. My meaning is sky and sea, peaceful and caring. I am an ocean person, the ocean is my home such as this rock album called “Let The Ocean Take Me” by The Amity Affliction. I have a huge obsession with anchors. The anchor for me, means that someone or something is holding me down but for good. It is a sign that I don’t want to sink anymore and that I will overcome anything that hits me hard. 

This whole page is a meaning and what I am trying to say is, I come to find out new things, cherish them and act on them. Novels now mean a lot to me such as a lot of things mean a lot to me. This page, this blog means a lot to me. It just gets tiring on how people think I am weak but I just know that there are chances in this world and that there is hope. We just have to keep seeking and expect the unexpected. No matter how many times the world wants to beat me and make me hit rock bottom. Trust me, I will stand right back up and hold on. Not every obstacle is easy but nothing is easy in this world. Everyday is a page of our next chapter. We are books, I am a book. Just take the time and read me.


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