Are You Real?

my heart

flourishes when you’re around me

it opens up the second you speak,

then grows flowers over my body

and through my body

my mind

examines everything I touch,

everything I feel

and everything I see

becomes another file in my brain

my voice

is hidden,

but when you’re here

I can never stop talking

your eyes

those big brown eyes

is most telling

it sparkles once it meets mine

makes me feel like the universe


I am the universe

I am art

I am happiness


never felt so alive

since you’ve entered my life

I am sprouting

and waiting upon your arrival


can’t wait to show you

how much I have learned,

what I have seen

and what I have realized


I am meant to be here

pinching myself to know if this is real

because all along

I have been dreaming

to finally feel real


that everything around me

is real

and finally

I feel like I do belong here







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