Unconditional Love

You might think I am talking about a person.

Plot twist: it’s about dogs. Dogs give unconditional love

When I turned three, my mom moved me to another babysitter, frightened because of what had happened before in an old house with people my mom thought she could trust until my dad suspected and witnessed something odd. Then things turned upside down and it was hard for my parents to trust a babysitter. Trust me, my mom wanted to raise me on her own but parents had to work in order to eat and have a place to stay. Then, I was in the hands of God, besides my parents.

All I can remember from that house right besides The Getty is a lion. I swear, a lion. At the time, I thought it was a lion and in my little memory of that lion, he was goofy and big and lovely. His name was Papo like Pah-po. He had tackled me down and I thought I was scared but all he did was lick my face. I thought he ate my face but turned out, he was a dog! In my guessing, I think he was a chow chow, but I still don’t know what type of breed he was. They thought I would be afraid but, I wasn’t. Ever since that day, I begged for a dog.

Two years went by and I was five years old until we moved to a house. We don’t actually own a house yet (my parents and I), we live in the first floor. A few months passed by and I hear a puppy. My heart was pounding and I looked out the window. The owners of the house got a dog! I was so happy! I went outside and pet the dog. I asked what his name was and it was Fluffy and it described him very well. He was a bundle of fluffiness and that is where he got his name, Fluffy. He was the type of dog to be outside on the front lawn (of course it’s fenced) and when I came home from school, he’d be there. He learned how to high five and that became our daily school routine. You should’ve seen him when he saw his mom and his mom’s parents. He would be filled with joy and be overjoyed. When he passed away twelve years later, he impacted my life so much. The day he got hit by a car, it was a rainy day. Seeing him at the vet with his owners surrounding him, feeling their pain because they spend the most time with him. He wasn’t able to poop by himself anymore and there were other things that changed. They decided what was best for Fluffy and it was the hardest decision to watch the veterinarian put him to sleep.

from what I remember, he passed away on April 20th.

For the first week, I saw him in the front lawn just waiting for me after school. I cried because I couldn’t let him go and he was still in my head. Not only he impacted me, he impacted my dog too, Tonder.

In the summer of 2014, I was in upward bound. Before the summer happened, my brother got a cute Yorkshire terrier puppy! His name was Tonder and although he was the size of my hand (my hands are small), they gave him a strong name. Well, my sister in law did. I watched him grow and I will always think of him as the puppy who always hid between my thighs and he still does that. My brother’s building didn’t allow dogs, so my brother always put him in a shoulder bag along with a toy so he can play with. Until, he started to get a little bigger and the owners of the building have realized he had a pet. Towards my summer, I was in upward bound finishing and the week before, he had asked me if I want to keep him and take care of him before he gave him away to somebody else. I said “Yes!” but, I had to ask my parents and surprisingly they said yes. I didn’t believe them so I just didn’t get my hopes up. The day I moved out of Rutgers Upward Bound and went to my brother’s house with my parents, I just played with Tonder until my brother told me “Here are his belongings, everything is here that you need of Tonder.” I immediately went to my dad and he said, “Yeah, I am serious! We are taking him.” Right there, my life also changed. I finally got to have a dog! I was filled with emotions and really excited! To this day, I wake up every morning looking at him sleeping between my thighs knowing that this is a miracle.

When my aunt and Brandon moved out of our apartment, I tried to show Brandon that it was okay to leave and that this was just him and his mom. This is the time to take care of her (he was four at the time).

Note: He’s my first story I posted once I made this blog.

When everything was moved into the moving van, Brandon ran to me and said:

“This is my home, I don’t want to leave. I want to be with you. Please, let me stay.”

I couldn’t hold back and tears were coming down from my eyes. His eyes were most telling and made me feel like I have a little brother and how he has grown with me. He makes me feel like I am not the only child anymore, that someone is looking up to me and is rooting for me. I promised him that I will visit anytime I get and not let him be alone. Overtime he sees me, he runs to me and hugs me for five minutes and then asks how I am doing. So, when I got Tonder, I feel that I have my baby waiting for me at home at all times now and that I need to think about my decisions that I am going to make because they are counting on me.

Tonder is like my companion. I feel like Moana in this situation because I feel like a princess with my companion besides me. He literally follows me everywhere. When I go to the bathroom or take a shower, he waits in the hall. When I get up to do things around the house, he’s my tail or watches me from across. If I take longer than I need to, he comes to look for me. Sometimes, when I get up too fast and I faint, my mother tells me that he’s right besides me trying to pull me up with his head. When I go to school, he studies my footsteps, my car and my dad’s car. So, when I come home, he knows because of his sense of smell.

Unconditional love is so heart-warming. My dogs are my life. My boyfriend’s dog is my life too because he’s apart of me so when he gets lost, I look for him because although my boyfriend is in bootcamp becoming a Marine, I choose to take care of his family when they need it. Rufo needs us and when he ran away a couple days ago, my heart sinked again because I remember when Fluffy would run, I will always catch him in my sight. When Tonder ran away, it was the worst feeling ever because I am not home at the time and I have a roommate who has kids and things happen. But one thing that is different about Tonder, he always comes back to me. That is unconditional love. I never seen a dog come back home after they run away but he does.

I just want to give my Tonder all the love he needs and make him explore. I want him to live his life and show the world that dogs deserve the world too.

They are not just dogs, they can be human too, just in a dog’s body.


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