An Early Sunday Morning

This story is a sequence to “An Early Sunday Morning” because I have to explain both tragedies.

Naming cars wasn’t apart of my thing. I never wouldve thought that I would have a car or more importantly, never would have thought we could afford another car. The reason I say that is because lots of things happen unexpectedly and this was unexpectedly. When I began college in late August, my dad was looking for a used car that saves up gas because my college was 30-45 minutes away. We found one and I immediately loved it. I love anything my parents give me. Some say I get what I want and that I am spoiled but I’m actually not. There are steps to getting what I deserve and I appreciate my parents both dearly. 

Not a lot of you know this about me, but I give everything life, basically a meaning. A door, a knob, a car piece, the little bug life, the big bug life, anything that you can say that doesn’t matter, it matters to me. I have this issue where I say sorry a lot to these things and I just feel too much. I got accustomed saying this and it’s a regular thing now. I do it without even knowing, it just blurts. It even happens at doctors because something will make me laugh and while the nurse is checking my vitals, I immediately smile at him or her and they just smile back. I do it subconsciously, I swear.

So, when my parents bought me the car, I took it for a drive and looked at her, inside and out and decided to call her Luna. I have a serious relationship with the moon and the stars, although I don’t know the constellations or what goes on in the moon, I still admire them dearly. I also admire the sun but I can’t look at the sun because she’s too bright and will gash my eyes out. That’s why I fall in love with the sunrise and the sunset even more because it makes me feel like there are the other colors of the other planets. 

Back to Luna, Luna at first gave me and Ryccy a great time until she decided to shut down in between Exit 14 and I-78. A place where both of us were really scared because although we were on the shoulder, Luna will continuously move from the trucks and cars passing. It was really scary. After that, a month or two, we suffered a flat tire and luckily, two men saw us struggling and helped us out. They really had all the tools in their trunk of the their car. They were ready for any tragedy. So, they helped us and we learned once again. Then she was completely good, until the last week of March. I know Luna pretty well so I knew the symptoms and once she started to feel a little weird, I knew she was shutting down. I told my dad and he was like oh no, not again. In our minds, we thought it was the front battery. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, my car is a hybrid so she has a small battery in the front and a huge battery behind the seats. So, we almost bought the front battery but, we went to our mechanic Jason also known as “Tico” and he unfortunately told us it was the back battery. Wait, he first asked me if I got into an accident because the front left dash is ripped and I said no, someone who had this car before hit that. Then, I was really sad because I thought it was the end of Luna since the back battery was the problem. So, my dad agreed if the mechanic could find a used battery that works, then to get it.

This when we gotta start using my dad’s van to go to places and I always feel like a bus driver driving in his van. So, on an early Sunday morning, we were coming back from a family party in Long Island. We were still in Long Island when I saw Rosa, yes my dad named his car Rosa right after my Luna is hospitalized, Rosa was acting weird. First, her radio was completely shut, my dad and I found it odd. Then, the headlights started to get dimmer. Then, I noticed the speedometer was going at 0 when I was going the speed limit. That’s when I knew something was up and I had to pull over. We were still in Long Island at this point. My dad tried to do what he knows but it still gave false hope. So, we called the cops to get us to tow truck or something but what’s bad enough is that it is 04:30am and they said they will open at 06:00am. My mom was sleeping through all of this and my dad and I were just talking. Then, the police officer that was hiding in the woods finally woke up and put his siren around 05:00am. My dad was laughing because when he wanted to go to the gas station through this cut, he thought he saw an abandoned car so he didn’t dare to walk past it because anything could happen. Then the tow truck came around 6:30am and he was really moody on Easter Sunday. He was already pissed that he had to come with work and was going to give us a booster for a $100! It was so mind blowing. Added on to that, getting it towed to somewhere near Queens was $120 more because of the mileage he drove us. Luckily, while my dad was taking out money from the bank, he came across a mechanic and he wanted to help. The tow truck guy was getting pissed that my dad was taking long but, he had some difficulties too. So, we went to the mechanic’s house and he was really nice to us. He gave us coffee and oranges. He owns two cats and a dog. From looking around the basement, he has two sons in the Navy, one is a doctor and the other is a mechanical engineer. Then, it was noon and Rosa was fixed! Most of my parents savings money went to Rosa. It was pretty sad but it was great because you never know when a tragedy happens. We were really tired and then we headed to my aunt’s house that lives nearby and explained the story there and got some sleep.

So, we waited more than a month when I got the text “She’s ready”. I literally jumped with excitement and with tears. I was so happy! She is back in good use and I am so glad we didn’t give up on her. There are many thoughts going on here but, we got our cars back and now we don’t have to struggle in when we could use the car because my dad has a schedule and I do too. 

These incidents that happened just proves that everything happens for a reason. We always have to prepare ourselves for the worst because we may never know what can happen. It’s always good to have some money saved, so it can come in handy. Those are my tragedies that happened and just stay happy through it all. Don’t get frustrated, just be glad you are still alive.


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