When It Slipped Away

May 14, 2:30, was the time it slipped away. Many of you are wondering what slipped away, but I am going to tell you in a minute. It’s Mother’s Day and everyone is going flower shopping, fruit basket shopping or teddy bear shopping. All the bodegas, supermarkets, flower shops get more money on Mother’s Day. I don’t use the shops sometimes, I buy my flowers from the guys that sell them on the street or right when you get off the highway. They always have beautiful flowers, so I hought two bundles for my mom and another to give to my aunts. They are really grateful. 

However, my cousin Jennette and I like to do extraordinary things and she’s usually the brains and I’m usually the “oh yeah!! let’s do this”. My uncle had remembered something and he said:

“You two have always been really close since you girls were toddlers. Even though you guys had disagreements, arguements, cries, you girls always sticked together.”

When he told us, it is so true. We used to always argue and cry once we said sorry to each other. Looking back makes it feel like a novella and I am so glad we still have that trust and bond with each other. Even though she is turning 21 and I am 19, we always react like we’re little girls when we see and discover new things. 

So, on Mother’s Day, Jennette wanted to buy balloons for her mom and my aunts and we went for it. Then, we started to look for flowers and a gift. With the balloons, there were three. I was the one who had one job to hold them. Knowing me, I thought about wrapping it around my wrist but, I spoke to myself and said “I got this, I won’t let them slip away”. Wrong. When I was trying to pull them together, I looked at my fingers and saw I was only holding two and the third balloon was slipping away from my fingers. I thought it was gone but, surprisingly it kept coming back down and her little sister, Reina was trying to catch it and I was trying to catch it. We were so close but not close enough to catch the string. The car got in my way and it left flying away. We were laughing and Bryan, our little cousin was so lost on what was happening. It was a great laugh but, at least we had the idea to save $40 and make chocolate covered strawberries ourselves. It was really making it and another memory added to the books.


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