Making New Friends

It’s 22:22 in Nicaragua. Two hours before the East Coast in the United States. Here, I came in a class trip to learn about globalization with 15 other students. Mind you, these other 15 students, I have no clue who they are. I suck at making new friends and I could never speak correctly. I am myself all the time but not comfortable yet. I am only comfortable to those who’ve known me for me. Going on this trip, I slowly started to make small conversations to people about anything that came into my mind. When I got on the plane and out, I only talked to the professors. Once we arrived to Nicaragua, it gets real. Scratch that, I did meet people but I wasn’t ready to actually conversate because knowing the person I am, I am still shy. I met Vanessa, Sabrina, Gabrielle, Draya and Jonathan right before going on the trip. We met at Coconut, a Jamaican/Dominican restaurant. 

Then, here in Nicaragua it was different. I tend to be alone because I’m in that stage where I think nobody wants to be my friend or talk to me. When we get to see who our host family was, I knew I had to make new friends one way or another. I got switched because one girl didn’t like dogs and I love dogs. That’s when I met Odalys. At first, I thought it was spelled “Odaliss” but no, I was wrong. We bonded over a dog and now we are bonding more! Making new friends isn’t easy for me but once a person accepts me for who I am, it is already real. She is my new friend and she is awesome! Can’t wait to introduce her to my best friend, Ryccy. I am that person who texts all lot , texts not so much, facetimes randomly or snapchats something funny. When it comes to friends, if they get me used to something such as texting consistently or me knowing how they are, best believe I will overthink something is wrong when they don’t and 9 times out of 10, I am right. Making new friends is hard but once I make new friends, I get so happy with myself because I am improving on myself and stepping out of my shell a little more. 

Making new friends won’t ever make me forget my own friends, I could never leave them aside. I don’t have lots of friends, literally. Well, I do but they know what is the deal because they made it clear from the start and they show any difference with their friends.

I am really excited for my host family and my roomie Odalys. This experience for the both of us is so fun and can’t wait to see what is more. 


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