I Went To Nicaragua!

Guess who finally traveled? This girl! May 23rd is a day to remember. Our final stop was Managua, Nicaragua. When I arrived, I felt really happy to be in a new country. For the first time in my life, I didn’t hesitate or cry when I left home back in Jersey. The look in my parents eyes were just telling that they are really proud of who I am becoming and how much I have conquered in this lifetime. When I stepped off the plane, I immediately felt the heat and that’s when I took off my jacket. A couple of girls in my class lost their luggages because their luggage didn’t make it to Nicaragua so, they had to wait until the next day.

While we were waiting for our tour guide and bus, there were children everywhere trying to sell their candy to me and I just felt bad for them that they have to do that. I was going to pay them but, then our tour guide told our class that we shouldn’t give any money because we do not know who that money goes to. So, I didn’t give any.


His name is Marlon and if you ever decide to go to Nicaragua and want the best tour guide, go for him, he is the best! He will explain everything in detail and his story is pretty amazing too, it is something you all need to hear someday so travel and learn new things.

Our homes, my home was 3 hours away from the airport. My host family lives in Matagapla, Nicaragua and they are a family to remember. When we got to “La Escuela de  Colibri”, we stayed there for a little bit until our host families arrived, only our moms arrived. My host family got switched because when one of the students in my class didn’t like dogs and wanted to switch families, I immediately raised my hand and I was just really hoping I would get to be in that family. I love dogs by the way.


Going on this trip, I knew no one. I didn’t have one friend on the trip and I felt like a turtle until I finally bonded with my roommate, Odalys the same day we got home. We unpacked and the viewing of the house was really adorable. The color, the decors, the amount of art and the unique architecture just blew my mind away. What got me in shock was the roof of their house, it was the same roof I have seen in videos of when my grandparents were building their home in Ecuador and I just felt closer to Ecuador (I have never been to Ecuador).

During the 10 days I was there, we went on to many adventures, lectures, hiking, eating and bonding time with my host family. I met some motivational speakers and speakers that spoke on their past and what they do now that have changed my perspective on so many things I used to look at. My paradigm changed. The ladies at the school were important themselves because they all have a purpose in this country. Some of the speakers I can remember was Sergio, that talked about the revolutionary war. Marlon, our tour guide speaking on his experience of how he prepared to join the war and how he had to choose his family over his dream of becoming a teacher. Then the feminist speakers that talk about feminism. The people who are against the mining are strong advocates about their living and do not want them to ruin their precious forest and land. Then a group of people from the LGBT came to discuss about how their country doesn’t support them at all, that they have to be in hiding and secretive. Also, the women who sow are indigenous people and want to keep their culture going.

Not only the lectures, I ate new food (that were different than my home food) and went on many adventures. Adventures such as hiking, going to new places, camping, getting to know what was around the town. I am very proud of myself that on this trip, I was fearless and I am so glad that I got the best roommate in the world where she didn’t switch up or ever leave me alone, we were always together and never separated. We bonded a lot and even though she hates bugs and I am against killing bugs that don’t do anything to you but, she is my roommate so, I had to keep her safe too and unfortunately, kill them or let them free with a cup and paper. I am a very lucky person to have had her by my side, she is short but such a goofball that has a great big heart. Reminds me of my best friend.

As the days were going by, my father had texted me while I was hiking and surprisingly, I got reception and when I looked at his text, I cried. I didn’t cry because I was sad, I cried because I felt like a grown up where my dad had to do things on his own without me because I wasn’t there and I was just so proud of myself that I have come a long way to finally be without my parents and experience being without them. I am a super daddy’s girl so, this was a lot on me. I love you dad!

Sidetone: I am currently working and one of the customers recognized me as Ecuadorian because of my accent when I talk spanish. I have never been recognized through my voice and right now, I feel so Ecuadorian, even though I always do but right now, I feel so Ecuadorian.


Talking about hiking, I am so proud of myself actually reaching to the top. I have or I think I have a problem where I get really dizzy and fall out of breath and can’t support myself and tend to have an anxiety. Here in Nicaragua, I pushed myself and my roommate pushed me, we both pushed each other and we always made it to the top. Either we are out of breathe or dying, we made it to the top. I need to start exercising more and get into shape because I may look skinny but trust me, I need to work out!

Do you ever wonder if love is really out there? Well I will tell you, hell yeah there is! My host parents, they are the most loving couple ever. They both, Pablo and Ingrid met at a theatre group and they both are a perfect match. They are very artsy and I love artsy. They have two beautiful kids that go to college and they are artsy too. There’s a tale between their two pets, a dog named Leo and a cat named Shafira. Although they are complete opposites, Shafira always takes care of Leo and snatches his whiskers out. Leo is a very playful dog where if you begin playing with him, he will never stop playing. I have a scar from him where he basically stood up, he became my height, tried to give me a hug and scratch my upper arm. He is the cutest, trying to tell my roommate and I not to leave.

He is a husky but also a wolf 🙂 and Shakira is just a shafira 🙂


Then, when we went sightseeing and discovering what happened before we came, it all told stories that where we stepped on, it was history. We are history. I learned that a man named Benjamin was an American who traveled to Nicaragua, tried to help the low and middle class but the Sandinistas didn’t like him very much. Therefore, they sent the government to kill him and it was ruled an “accident”. He loved driving Russian cars and somehow, it was a threat. On other sightseeing, I discovered that there are cemeteries for the rich and for the poor. They are all separated. Also, I learned about new food and new places where there was a beautiful view. 


       Some people take really great care of their lands and they turn it into farms where they grow coffee, other plants, and their animals. 

Then, the very last day, my roommate, three other people and I went to the city, Managua, Matagalpa. It was amazing. First time going to the PACIFIC OCEAN and to the beach. The sand is so different, there’s hardly any shells, just sand. We finally saw highways and many street lights. It finally looked like a real city, like Hoboken with all the stores and street lights. What came to surprise me was that there was many people on the road selling what they needed to sell: food, fruits, wiping your front windows of the car, cleaning your wheels, and etc. There was a Burger King and a Pizza Hut! When we arrived to the beach, many people were trying to get us to go for what they wanted but, we ended up choosing what we wanted. It was a beautiful time, we went on the quads, horseback riding, and swimming! The food was really good but looking at the sad dogs, made me give them half of my food. That’s another sad story, there are SO MANY strays, it breaks my heart. Tried to provide as much as we could but didn’t because didn’t want them to think about false hope.

My whole experience was amazing. I was so sad to go back home once the ten days were over. It honestly felt like a month being there because we were two hours behind. I cried leaving there and I was just amazed of how beautiful this country is. The heat on the other hand was something not to play with. It was a great experience that you all should do someday. It was one of the many more experiences in my life and I am so ready to writ many more entries on what happens.

Thanks for reading.


Jenni ❤


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