Do You Know?

IMG_9988Do the seven gazillion people living in this world ever find “love”? Do they ever find it? I mean there’s all kinds of love: love in a friendship, love with your parents, love in a relationship, with an animal or a tree but, do the seven gazillion people feel it or find it? Well, the answer to that is no, not everyone does. There are some people that you can’t ever expect for them to live a double world. There’s a saying where “the happiest people are the saddest” and it is sort of true. There are some happy people who don’t have nothing but to look happy. They wouldn’t want other people to feel the loneliness or not wanted, they want them to feel the love they can’t ever feel. The reason why I say it is sort of true because then there are people who are really happy with their life or themselves to the point where they are unstoppable and fearless. I appreciate both people. My dad tells me all the time to greet to strangers or anyone who I interact with because you never know what they can go through and you’re hello can brighten up their day because someone like you had the courtesy to speak. There are people here who are poker face and all they need is someone who pays attention.

I was speaking with a friend about how people always need at least someone to be there for them. You might think it isn’t important like “yeah, they’ll live through it, they don’t need me, they’re better off alone” and that isn’t true. Everyone needs at least one person to talk to, to feel with and for someone who understands them in general.

So, the gazillion people living in this world are all different and you may never know what your best friend or friend or next door neighbor go through. It all happens on closed doors and fake smiles. I want this world to be filled with nothing but love, peace and positivity. The only three I look forward into. Someday I will make a change in this world, at least plant a seed on someone or make someone really happy with themselves and have a reason to be here because feeling loved and being loved is a beautiful feeling. Especially loving yourself, what are you if you don’t love yourself? I have been trying to accept that concept and I am still learning through my scars, bruises, the way I look and all because who are we if we don’t love ourselves? Who knows. Maybe a lost person but just know you will be okay. They will be okay and if anybody ever needs someone to talk to, I am here. We can totally be strangers and in the end, you’ll be my friend or what not. Best believe I will check up on you only if you let me. So, people on here reading this, spread nothing but love, peace and positivity. Happiness is the answer to all three and just make a change to your robot schedule, do something new, tell a stranger “hi have a blessed day” or hug your parents and friends and tell them how much you appreciate them because you never know what can go wrong and what can happen in the next seconds. Therefore, spread it ❤


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