I Am A Runner

I am a runner I am a runner I am a runner I AM A RUNNER. That’s who I was and still think I am. Before, when I was being thrown in situations I thought I couldn’t handle, I ran. I was terrible. Yes, I did fight for myself but once I couldn’t stand the fact … More I Am A Runner

Do You Know?

Do the seven gazillion people living in this world ever find “love”? Do they ever find it? I mean there’s all kinds of love: love in a friendship, love with your parents, love in a relationship, with an animal or a tree but, do the seven gazillion people feel it or find it? Well, the … More Do You Know?

I Am An Observer

Do you know how a dog or your dog watches your every move such as: the way you talk, you walk, where you go, your tone, everything. I am like that. I like to know everything about them before they meet me. I watch everything. I watch people, pets, things, the floor, the movements, what’s … More I Am An Observer