Making New Friends

It’s 22:22 in Nicaragua. Two hours before the East Coast in the United States. Here, I came in a class trip to learn about globalization with 15 other students. Mind you, these other 15 students, I have no clue who they are. I suck at making new friends and I could never speak correctly. I … More Making New Friends

Unconditional Love

You might think I am talking about a person. Plot twist: it’s about dogs. Dogs give unconditional love When I turned three, my mom moved me to another babysitter, frightened because of what had happened before in an old house with people my mom thought she could trust until my dad suspected and witnessed something … More Unconditional Love

Are You Real?

my heart flourishes when you’re around me it opens up the second you speak, then grows flowers over┬ámy body and through my body my mind examines everything I touch, everything I feel and everything I see becomes another file in my brain my voice is hidden, but when you’re here I can never stop talking … More Are You Real?