Here is my instagram page where my sanity is placed. This is my photography page and this page will be a taste of everything. It’s more of a project I am doing where positivity flows and I want the world to see how writing, art and pictures can save your own life. I have been into Art for a long time and I love taking pictures (film or digital). This is my page where I can express how I feel and what I see through my eyes. It was originally called “jennswirl” but I changed to “stories for her” because someday, I’ll be an amazing writer and photographer and this is my hobby. I love seeing positivity in this world and I love capturing moments people didn’t know existed.
So please take the time and follow me on my page.

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Yes Vlogs! My youtube channel!

“pictures/videos that tell a story of how she feels + who/what she captures + making memories + poem/art fanatic”